I am trying to install snow leopard on my Asus N10e-A1 notebook. Here are the specs. The only exception is it has 2GB of RAM instead of 1. I installed osx to a 8GB Sandisk cruser flash drive using the osinstall.mpkg and my real MacBook. The first time tried netbook installer. I would get a kernel panic. I deleted the DTST.aml file and was able to get past the kernel panic. Then it hung at "AppleRTL8169Ethernet : phyWaiForAutoNegotiation TIMEOUT". So I gave up and formatted the USB stick with a GUID partition table (I did MBR the first time) and installed the EP45UD3P Snow Leopard install package to it. I got a kernel panic and this time deleting the DSDT.aml file didn't help. I am using a retail disc. What do I need to do to get OSX to work on this machine?