Hi there...I post here after searching broadly, and trying several remedies, to no avail.

I have a GA-EP45-UD3P (rev. 1.6) that has been running SL beautifully from it's 500MB hard drive. I wanted to take the plunge to Lion; so I thought I'd try a fresh disk (WD 1TB), installing SL first to make sure it works there.

Followed the Lifehacker guide (as before). Install went fine. on reboot, I got the dreaded:

boot0:error after a couple of lines of boot0: test

So I ensured the active partition flag was set.

Same outcome.

Zeroed the drive, did the install, installed Chameleon 2.0 RC4 manually to first the EFI partition, and then the root partition (yep...zeroed the EFI partition in between).

Still nothing. Boots fine from the USB startup drive I made, and I can get into SL on the new drive from the Cham menu if I go that way.

Any ideas? Saw something about 4K blocks and large drive support, but I thought RC4 (RC3, actually) took care of that...

Thanks much for your help in advance.