I have a very strange problem with my system: Shuttle SH67H7 (Sandy Bridge), Intel Core i7-2600, XFX HD 5770 Radeon PCI-X 1 GB system.

I have tried iboot and nawcom and both methods caused my system to shutdown after booting. I tried -v verbose method to see what is causing this strange behaviour, but I could not make up what is causing the strange shutdown.

Note: the iboot 3.0.4 image did not work, I had to use the 2.7.2 legacy version. Nawcom method works flawlessly. Installation is succesfull, but it does not boot: it shutdowns after loading a few kexts and then it shutdowns.

What else can I do, since I still need to update the system with the necessary kexts and updates to 10.6.7, but I am still not able to boot into the system to do this.