Hi everybody,

Let me introduce my problem. After several months trying to install SL on my AMD Phenom systems, I finally managed to install the Leohazard 10.6.2 Intel/AMD system on my 2 computers including fully functioning hardware: QE/CL, sound, USB, printers etc.

But I want a cleaner installation and the Nawcom method is a good one. I tried it on my Gigabyte MA78GM-UD2H mainboard with AMD Phenom X4 9950 BE and it works great. Some minor problems with slow booting, but I managed to install the AppleATIATA.kext and removed the IOFamilyATA.kext and the problem of extremely slow booting was resolved.

So, I tried it on my Shuttle SN78SH7 barebone (nForce720a chipset) and I tried several versions of Nawcom, including the latest one I downloaded a few days ago, but every time I get an KP after swapping the SL Retail DVD to boot and I believe the problem is the Realtime RTC clock init kext causing the problem: It corrupts the detected FSB of 200 MHz into a false corrected 1078.xxx MHz and it results into an KP.

Now before complaining about non-compatibility: this Shuttle SN78SH7 with Phenom II X4 955 BE CPU already has a fully working SL 10.6.6 installation done with the modded Leohazard 10.6.2 DVD. So I know the hardware is fully compatible with SL.

I want to contact Nawcom to tell him this problem with the realtime clock init thing causing the SL retail DVD to generate the wrong FSB. I do not know what causes this strange behaviour, because all the Nawcom boot CD's versions work great on my Gigabyte MA78GM-UD2H mainboard.

I hope Nawcom is reading this post and could explain me this problem and how to resolve it, since I already tried several boot arguments to see if it helps, but always this strange message of:

reported FSB: 200.000000 MHz, corrected FSB: 1078.835997 MHz

The problem is the rtc_init kext causing this strange behaviour and I suspect that changing this rtc_init with a optimized one could resolve this problem.

I tried as boot arguments: arch=i386 -force64 -v maxmem=2048 fsb=200000000 BusratioPath=3 cpus=1 and nothing helped to overcome this KP problem and I do not understand why, since I know the hardware is compatible to SL 10.6.6.