I got OSX86 10.6.2 installed on Virtualbox now I want to install (non virtual machine)it and use a dual boot on my hard drive. Should I try with the setting that I used for Virtualbox and start from there? Should I try to get installed and then worry about audio and usb? If so how do you install those after you get booted up do you just start over with same settings and just add audio? Then USB? Please help it would be much apperciated

osx86 10.6.2
Legacy kernal
AMD patch
(do I need a driver for my chipset, which one would work?)

AMD phenom II 965 be OC 3.8
Asus m4a785g
8gig ddr2 800mhz
ATI HD 6870
Seagate 320 gig 7200 HDD
WD 230 gig 7200 HDD (this is for my OSX86)
Lg DVD burner
650 watt psu
Cursair H50 Liquid Cooling
Win 7 64 bit