I would really like to replace the wireless adapter on my Toshiba NB 205 Hackintosh with the one that Wingzero619 mentions in his tutorial (The card/chip from the HP Mini 1030NR, I believe.) I'd really appreciate some specifics here from anyone who has actually done this:

1. What is the complete, proper name for the part I need?
2. Where can I get this part if I am not a retailer/service rep, etc?
3. Once I get the part, what is involved in swapping it besides removing the plate with the 2 torx screws?
4. Assuming I am successful, will this adapter still work when I boot to Windows XP?

By the way, I am using iDeneb 10.5.5, with dual boot option to Windows XP.

I know there's posts all over the place referring to this, but I haven't found one that has the details. Thanks to Wingzero's awesome tutorial and many of the posts here, I am finally using OS X for the first time, and I'd really love to make it complete by getting online with an internal wireless adapter that works.