Hi every one, i have a big problem on my HP DV6 2400efn after the install successful he always reboot, and reboot, and reboot, and reboot, lol it get my head turned

I try different settings on the customize window on the installation, but nothing changes... here's my configuration :

HP DV6 Notebook 2400ef
Intel (R) Core (TM) i5 CPU M430 @ 2.27GHz (2266Mhz)
Memory RAM : 4GO
Nvidia GT216 (GeForce GT 320M)
Suyin Corp. USB Composite
PS/2 Mouse Touchpad
PS/2 Keyboard

I tried to test "-x -v busratio=20 cpus=1" cpus=2 ect ect ect but nothing change my problem...

i made a video of it :

iDeneb 1.5.7 REBOOT LOOP on HP DV6 2400ef - YouTube

Your help is precious for me. I search every where, since days, googled every possible words....

Thank you !