Hi Guys,

I'm a complete newbie to this, so please bear with me

I have a Tosh NB200, with Win7 already installed. Have been looking through the NB200 thread to get snowleopard installed. Have lots of Q's to piece it all together in my head tho!

Question is where to start! Do i need to install OSX 10.6.2 before installing SL (does SL install "on top" of OSX? - tho i read here) that Atom support has gone?!?!!?. Do i have to remove win7 to install, and then re-install 7 afterwards?

Virtually all installs of SL that i have seen involve creating a boot USB from a Mac itself (which i havent got, nor got access to ), however i can install direct from my SL retail DVD that i got from Amazon if that is possible (via external Dvd drive).

If anyone could offer any advice it would be much appreciated