I partitioned 100gb of my hard drive to allow me to install snow leopard. I have the hpe-235f desktop. It has an AMD Phenom II x6 processor. Since Apple uses Intel, will this work? I really don't want to waste my money on buying the operating system if I can't even install it.
My plan was to get the cd, and install. If it wasn't that simple I would use iBoot or look up some methods on a clean install because I thought since it is partitioned it should work like a clean install. Maybe I am wrong, I know you can use bootrec to fix boot problems if you can't boot to Win7. Also I heard you would install, go to Win7 and use a program to allow you to select what os to boot at startup.
Please tell me if I am wrong or if I can even install it. I have a good understanding on computers in general, but I have never built a computer, and I've never dual booted before.