Last time when I tried to install Mac os I started with 10.5 version,then update and upgrade till 10.6.8,but I didn't find some kexts and I came back to windows.But after I format a partition with 10.5 disk utility,all others (ntfs) partitions was getting corrupted.Now if I start installation with a 10.6.3 hackintosh I will have the same problem(now I have all kexts 10.6.8 compatible)? I don't have right now an external hdd to backup all data,if you think that partitions will corrupt again,I will borrow one.And if you need more informations about partitions,I have 2 ntfs partitions,in one is windows and in other is my data,and one ext4 partition,with Linux,I will delete the windows and Linux partition to create a new one.Thank you for helping me and I hope you will understand what I wrote.