Hi guys, i don't know if i'm in the right place (sorry for that)
My specs:
Asus p5k-se/epu
Intel c2d e7200
Sapphire Ati Radeon hd4850
HD SATA 160gb
HD IDE 14gb

I was looking up the guide installing de SO via iboot, (AHCI required), but the problem is that my mobo doesn't support AHCI (is there a guide to crossflashit to p5kr so it can support).

My question, is there a way to install it so I don't need to set up in the bios the AHCI mode? Can I install the SO in my IDE 14gb so I can test if install goes OK and then make a partition in my another HD (is full, right now)

I've searched in google a solution for this, but I don't trust that crossflashing the bios to p5kr is safe as it should be (I never flashed a Bios)

I would thank you if you can help me (and sorry for my english, is not so good)