I have disc images of working installs of Windows 7(using Acronis True Image 11) & Snow Leopard 10.6.3(using Carbon Cloner).

I first created a 100gb NTFS Windows partition using Windows 7 disc. I installed Win 7 disc image on this partition using True Image.

I then created a 100gb GUID Journaled partition and used Carbon Cloner to restore the disc image of 10.6.3 on that partition.

Problem is the Win 7 install becomes corrupted and Win 7 install disc cannot repair it. An earlier dual boot install on another drive worked with the Superhai Boot CD to choose which OS to boot. I then installed EZBCD on the Win 7 and added Mac OSX on the boot loading screen. However, the Win 7 OS became corrupted and unfixable.

What am doing wrong? I've read a lot of methods on dual booting but I don't want to start with fresh installs each time.