Hi there. I posted this is in the Snow Leopard OS section. Thats because it is the one I own, however it does not have to be specific to that OS X.

Anyway, heres my question. I can imagine this has been posted a trillion times however I just want the method that is easiest and suits my criteria.

I need to run a Mac OS X on my laptop however I have no Mac to do so, nor do I have dual layer discs. I do though have a 8gb (7.5gb of space) USB thumb drive.

Is there a way that I could install an OS X?

I have searched online for many methods and some are so different and more complicated than others. I have also tried running a virtual image using VMWare. However this proved to be very laggy and unusable for the type of software that I need to use on it.

Sorry for this as I can imagine its a really noobish question. Its just I have spent the past few days researching various methods but all seem impossible for the tools I have.

If there is a lite version of an OS X anywhere that someone has manually created to be burnt on 4.7gb discs that would be great.