My sistem is Core 2 Duo E6300
Motherboard İntel DQ965GF (Q965 chip)
6 (2x2x1x1) Gb DDR2 667 ghz ram
650 Gb Samsung + 350 Gb Seageta SATA Hardisk

I install HAZARD snow leopard 10.6.1 my pc.
After installation " message is mac installation is successfully."
When I restart my pc
'' No Bootable Device --insert boot disk and press key"
I controlled bios and The First boot is 350 Gb Seageta SATA Hardisk which is install on Mac.
But The other SATA Hardisk is boot as a windows partion.
And also SATA 4 port my windows partion hardisk
SATA 5 port is machintosh hardisk.
Why didn't see my pc machintosh SATA hardisk as a first bootable disk.
Do You have any idea? Please write, so thanks everybody.