Guys Im a noob with that stuff, and I realy need a desktop with mac OS.
I dont have money to buy a mac pro...

Any 1 can help me to built a system realy compatible and easy to install?

What I wish to use is:

Processor: I7-930

Motherboards (that I can find around here):
Asus P6T
Asus P6x58d-e
Gigabyte Ga-x58a-ud3r
Gigabyte Ga-x58a-ud7
Gigabyte Ga-h55m-usb3
Intel Dp55wb
Intel Dh55tc

Video: any good 1(probably a gforce 9800 gtx)

Any 1 can tell me the best built option to make it work with snow leopard (10.6.4 if possible)?

Any link to a tutorial?

Thanks for help, Im in big troubles...