I'm fairly new to the this whole Hackintosh thing, but I'm typing this from my own working Hackintosh, so I guess I'm doing all right. Right now I'm trying to put together some documentation on this whole process (something I've found lacking since I started) that gives a decent overview of how one of these machines goes together and works. (Less tutorial/step-by-step and more explanation and overview.)

However, I'm certainly not knowledgeable for this task yet.

So, enough with the history lesson and on to my question:

I realize that Chameleon is a bootloader (like grub for Linux) but it also appears to have its own EFI emulator (the "boot" file). Netkas puts out PC-EFI which is strictly an EFI emulator and can be interchanged with Chameleon's boot file.

Are these one in the same? Does Chameleon make its own EFI emulator or does it use a customized version of Netkas's? (I did notice that the weird Chameleon logo changes in the bootloader screen to some weird "10.6" looking thing when I changed from the default that came with Chameleon to the latest version from netkas.org.)

Any explanation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!