At the moment I have a problem with my hackintosh installation.

In short: my hardware is ASUS P5K-E/WIFI-AP + Q6600, ATI 4850, my hackintosh was working fine last month, but because of some issues with HFS+ I decided to restore it completelly from TimeMachine backup:

1. Booted from the DVD (MacOS SnowLeo 10432, I've used it originally to install my hack).
2. Selected Restore from TimeMachine backup, waited ~20 minutes while PC was busy with restoring.
3. Rebooted, and found out that Chameleon was not able to find required parts (that were erased from the partition by TimeMachine recovery).
4. Booted from same DVD, picked only one point - Install Chameleon loader (it was ChameleonRC5 + EFI... - exactly the same point was taken 1 month ago when I was installing my hack).
5. Rebooted - MacOS starts, kexts are loading... but I'm getting a kernel panic (in 2-3 sec after moment when video mode changes and OS & kexts are starting to do something - not sure how to name this). I tried to find solutions without any success. It is not booting with all possible combinations of options (cpus=1 -x -s -v -f ...). Here is the screen with KP (every time is exactly the same place):

Can you please give a hint what I can try to do to bring my hack back to life?

Some more details (not related directly to the issue that I have now, but may give a bit more information):
I did install ~1 month ago from a DVD "SnowLeo 10432". It were some issues with network and video right after installation but by adding/changing some kexts I got nicely working MacOS 1.6.3 (after applied updates). It was working without any issues last month, I even set up the TimeMachine to back up the system.

And yesterday my MacOS didn't boot - during booting it was an verification stage when it was shown "invalid catalog record type" and system halts. I've tried to boot into single mode and tried fsck - no changes. And then I decided to recover the system from TimeMachine backup... and rest you already know.