First let me say I'm a newbie to OSX. Although I have run Linux over the years I decided to give OSX a try. I have been doing some research about running OSX on my Gateway NV5 series laptop. It has M300 series AMD processor.

I have been researching it running OSX for a while now, and I'm getting a little confused.

First I found out about Hackintosh then iATKOS v7 and Kalway are modified versions of OSX Snow Leopard. Correct? Then I found out boot 132 and chameleon boot loader. From what I understand you can load a retail version of snow leopard on any system using boot 132? Im a little confused and been reading a lot but im not really sure what is what and what to use? I have been searching forums to I'm but not really finding much info of what I already know.

So what I'm asking is where an I found out if I can run OSX Snow Leopard on my Gateway Laptop and what is the proper way of installing it. I have purchased a retail version of Snow Leopard.

Thank you