Hey, having some problems installing snow leo on my dell xps 15. I've tried using multiple ways of installing (leo4all, iatkos v7/8, and retail method) each using iboot and without using iboot but get problems on each of them. With the iatkos method it gets to the chameleon bootloader with the loading bar, but then if you press a button it'll just freeze or if you wait for the bar to finish it also freezes.

I have also tried using the retail method of using iboot then changing to the retail disc, this boots me fine to the install screen but unfortunately my hard drive is MBR not GPT which I'd rather try and keep that way, which means disc utility refuses to format the mac partition to hfs+. To try and put that right I downloaded the MBR fix from the internet but seeing as I couldn't put it on the disc I copied the disc to a 16GB memory stick and changed the file on there. I then tried to use this as the installation media but once booted from I just get the apple background screen, with the little spinning wheel but there's some weird overlay with a crossed out circle in the middle and that will just stay there for as long as the computer is turned on so that method wont seem to work either.

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

Intel Core™ i7
6GB Dual Channel DDR3 1333MHz of ram
HD 750GB (7200RPM)
Wireless Intel Centrino N1030(L502X) and Bluetooth 3.0