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Discuss OSX 10.5.X installs just fine but doesn't boot up afterwards! at the Installation -; Hi, here are my specs: HP COMPAQ dc7100 Intel 915G Express chipset 800mhz FSB P4 ...
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    Smile OSX 10.5.X installs just fine but doesn't boot up afterwards!

    Hi, here are my specs:
    HP COMPAQ dc7100
    Intel 915G Express chipset
    800mhz FSB
    P4 HT 3.2ghz, 2GB ram
    2x 120GB SATA Western Digital hard drives.
    nVidia GeForce 8400 GS
    SoundMax Digital AC97

    I'm trying to get OSX to boot on my PC (after installation) but it keeps rebooting so fast that I can't read the potential error messages.

    Here's what I've done so far:

    1. Using the "iPC_OSx86_10.5.6.iso" DVD, I managed to boot the installation process (tough I had to disable my Ethernet adapter in BIOS, else it would give me the "AppleBCM5751Ethernet have a 5721" error, seen using -v flag, and then it would simply hang) and the installation process went *very* well. I really thought it would work! All my USB components (external HD, mouse, keyboard) and even the video adapter were all working very well. So, I formated my second HD and didn't use any custom installation (it is said in the readme file that it uses the Vanilla kernel by default and since my chipset is Intel, I bet it's the right one to use).

    2. After the installation process, I removed my installation DVD, then I input the -f flag to make it refresh the kernel extensions on first boot, but my computer keeps on rebooting and even tough I put the -v flag, it goes so fast I can't read the potential error messages. Since I had luck disabling my ethernet adapter, I also tried to disable my audio adapter, but same thing happened.

    I also tried to boot the "SnowOSX_Universal_10.6(432)GM-v3.5.iso" DVD, but that one never actually went as far as getting into the installation process. It would actually do the same thing (reboot really quickly after the computer powers up) without letting me read the potential error codes.

    I'm ready to try anything you tell me to make OSX work on my PC. Bombard me with suggestions, please, I've got nothing to lose to try them all. Even if you tell me to download another 4GB iso file, I'll give it a try.

    NOTE: I am currently downloading a third iso file named "iATKOS 7i 10.5.7 DVD for Intel/AMD" and I'll try it tomorrow.


    Hi, today, I've tried two different flavors:

    1. "iDeneb_v1.5.1_OSX86_v10.5.7.iso"

    This one installed fine and to my surprise, my network adapter driver was available to install upfront. So I checked this component and nothing else. On computer reboot, I saw the Charmeleon boot manager and when I chose my "OSX" drive, it would reboot instantly, displaying "efi_inject_get_devprop_string NULL trying stringdata" in the top left corner of the screen for a very short moment. I had to reboot like 10 times to write this down on a sheet of paper. Googling it gave results such as "the devprop string being null isn't important. We don't use anything that requires it." so I believe it's not the error that makes my computer reboot... so this flavor doesn't run either on my computer it seems. Tried -x -v -f, none of them led me further.

    2. "iATKOS_v7.iso"

    This one also installed fine and had my network adapter driver available as an installation component so I checked it. Upon reboot it went into Charmeleon and even tough it was still rebooting (like all other flavors) I found that this one actually displayed "Starting Darwin" at the top left corner for like 2 seconds, then... it reboots. Tried -x -v -f, none of them led me further.


    Waiting for your suggestions bombardment!!

    NOTE: Seriously, the part I REALLY don't get is why all of those flavors boot up just fine using the DVD, install just fine and they all don't boot up using the HD. I mean, what's really different from booting up the DVD than the HD? And the most important question is what the f--- is wrong with my computer not booting up ANY flavors after they all installed correctly?

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    Default same problems

    I am having the same problems as you ,i used the Iatkos ver7. installs fine but when it re-boots the apple logo just sits.
    I have troed different versions of iatkos but nothing seems to work.
    I even tried other computers .
    Would really appreciate if someone would show us the procedure to do it right




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