Hey all,

My OS X installs have all gone horribly to disaster. The reason is this: I installed OS X distros and retail, several of them many different ways and times. They all went fine from boot up to install, but several refused to boot, some would but i had to use -x (safe mode) and after -f busratio=22 cpus=1 platform=x86PC rdisk=0s1, and i hated to do that. Also, I installed my kexts and the sound and graphics worked fine but, i couldnt reboot, or boot into OS X off my hard drive. AMD machine too, and I can't play games. It's just a dang mess! I need some serious help to resolve these issues, if anyone wishes to help me outside of the forum please PM. The distros I've tried are 10.5 Ideneb, iATKOS (ALL), Leo4all v3 and v2, Kalyway 10.5.2, Snow LEO OSX86, Snow Leopard Hazard, JAS 10.4.8, and the retail dvds.