I have installed Iatkos S3 and have done the combo update to 1.6.8 etc everything is fine apart from the sound.

I have a USB focusrite unit, and RME HDSP PCI card and then the motherboard sound. I need both the Focusrite and the RME installed to do 2 seperate things as you don't appear to be able to share a card at the same time (have audio coming from 2 programs at the same time)

I have installed the drivers and the programs and snow leopard are seeing it but when I play something nothing comes through at all. I have tried removing the RME and Focusrite and done them individually and still nothing. I have also tried booting into 32bit and 64bit just incase Kext issues or something. But not im stumped.

I have also tried playing just an audio track from itunes and quicktime and still nothing.

Can anyone help please?
Also im pretty new to hackintosh so please go easy!

Many thanks