Hi All,

I am facing an issue using the "lifehacker" method of SN install. I can successfully boot into USB and install SN on the internal drive, but at restart I get thru the bios, but do not get the bootloader splash screen to select which drive to run the OS from. After the bios finishes, the monitor appears to lose signal for 30 sec. then I always end up booted back into the USB drive at the install "select language" screen. I am using the EP45UD3P Snow Leopard.pkg on the USB and the spec'd components in the original post. (playing it by the book for this).

It seems like the bootloader is working since the USB gets mounted and is ready for install, but without the visuals I have no ability to select a drive and install the script on the internal disk.

Any suggestions or Advice will be appreciated.

Thanks in Advance