I am getting a 'nfs_boot_init failed' error on every custom install and distro including the flash drive method during loading the initial boot loader/DVD or flash drive. I was getting a 'still waiting for root device' error but I can get around this by typing rd=disk0. I see nvidia MCP55 found 1 device, found boot device then found the hard drive name. Then underneath it says 'nfs_boot_init failed' followed by a kernel panic.

System specs
Asus KFN32-D SLI/SAS - onboard SATA nvidia i430 (MCP55PRO) onboard LSI SAS 1068
2x Opeteron 8347HE quad core cpus
7x SAS drives (3x 1500rpm and 4x 1TB 7200 rpm in raid)
1x SATA WD Raptor 1000rpm
Asus Radeon 4030 1GB

Anyone have any ideas? I can't put SATA mode to AHCI in bios as it is not an option but I can disable SATA raid. I can disable SATA completely in bios, should I try a SATA controller? - it is much cheaper and less hassle than buying a new motherboard. Can I use a bootloader that will load SAS on boot? Apparently the SAS controller is supported by OSX but the bootloaders won't look for it it seems.

Please help, thankyou.