I thought hackintoshing my dell mini 10v would be easy. Not for me. I have an old 17" powerbook G4 (1 ghz, non intel) running leopard 10.5.8. It looks like one problem I have is not formatting my dell first (now running windows xp). I do that with gparted? What about my Sandisk cruzer 16 gb. When I attempt to download 0.8.4 to my powerbook, it goes shaded with a line thru it. Tried 0.8.3 that looked fine until I clicked on it, then the whole screen went gray like a descending curtain,..." you have to restart your computer" which of course put me back to square one. I partitioned my cruzer before loading snow leopard 10.6 (from newly purchased cd), but do I have to partition it with gparted?

I have read and viewed many hackintoshings of dell mini 10v but until I got to your site did I not come across gparted and having it work on the dell first. O.8.4 does NOT partition, correct?

Also I am not sure if I need to use transmac. Some people, I think, have not needed to achieve results.

Can I put both 0.8.4 or 0.8.3 and my 10.6 image on my curzer? On one try I put netbookmaker on my datatraveler 4 gig. but my dell totally ignored it and went strait to windows. I don't even see the dell logo anymore. I pressed f12.

I did go into Bios. I have version 6. I placed the USB first in line to boot, the hard drive last. I followed the directions about shutting off bluetooth etc.

When I try to load apps onto my cruzer I always get a cd icon entitled u3 systems. I read about it and I am not sure if I need to erase it. I went to their website and downloaded the program to do that but had no success.

any help would be appreciated.