i will be buying a new mobo and cpu tommorow and this time i want to make sure i will be able to install osx on it.
i want osx 10.7 or 10.8 but will settle for 10.6
all my HDDs and CD drives are SATA
i have MSI 6950 2gb gpu and a evga 9800gt 1gb gpu (one the same pc)
i would like to get the AMD FX 8150 8core cpu but if i dont have a choice then i will try to get the ivy bridge
i want the easiest install possible so can somebody please give me a list of parts for both the amd and intel setup
the mobo can be cheap as long as it has 2 pci express x16 20 and 2 pci express x1

i am leaning more toward AMD because of the cores and price
i might get graphics card either hd7770 if my new mobo is pci express 3.0 or hd6850/nvidia depending on whether i can use both nvidia and ati together