So I'll put my machine's Setup at the end but I'm trying to get a working OS X on my new Hackintosh and I'm having some problems. I wanted to use Mountain Lion so that's what I tried first

I can't use a legal version of OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) because my laptop is so old that the App Store won't let me buy it. So I tried using a pirated version and it keeps 'breaking when I try to move it into the 'Applications' folder, even if I also move all its associated data files. I tried making a bootable USB using both the 'Disk Utility' and Lion DiskMaker. That didn't work. So then I tried to make a Unibeast bootable disk with that as the source file but that didn't work.

Both of these attempts lead to my CMOS/BIOS saying that the load failed and to please put in an OS install disk.

So I decide to just try and do it with Lion instead and then I could upgrade later. I've done all of the above with Lion now as well (also a pirated copy because 10.7 Lion isn't on the App Store anymore). Now I get the Chimera loading screen. But when I tried making a Unibeast drive with the 10.7 that was just on my Laptop, it mentions some kind of kernel problem. When I used the 'Unibeast from Lion USB' using the bootable 10.7 USB I'd made with my Disk Utility the chimera screen that is shown in the guide comes up but when I selected USB it says 'cant_find.' Any direction as to things I might try or where to buy Lion or Mountain lion that I can at least download an install app onto my 2008 MacBook would be much appreciated. I currently have Snow Leopard but no longer have the install disk, it got lost in a move, I'd be happy with that as well, I just want my machine to work.

Tower: Antec P183
Motherboard: Gigabyte z68X-UDH3-B3
CPU: intel CORE i7
Cooling System: Corsair H60

I also set my BIOS to AHCI