I want to be able to use os x to program in XCode and use the other apple development software. I've tried using VMware workstations with lion, but it is way too sluggish to be at all productive.

My ideal would be to be able to switch betwen windows 7 and os x on power on if possible (Chamelion?). But if I have to, I don't mind changing bios settings before each OS.

Here are my specs:

- ASRock H61m U3S3
- Intel i5 2400
- Asus GTX 560 (non ti)

I believe my PC can run hackintosh. Maybe not. If so, which istallation method should I use (10.6 or 10.7 either one).

I have tried installing Snow leopard with iBoot Legacy for hours to no avail. The furthest I get is actually installing the OS to my HD before my PC reboots 3/4 of the way through. It may be and issue with my bios settings but I have no idea.

Which install method should I use? or what I am I doing wrong?

Any help or suggestions would be appriciated.

Thank You