Hi guys, new boy in town (at least on OSX, I know my stuff on PC though).

I have 2 PCs on which I'm trying to install iDeneb, but I can't tell what I've done wrong.

1st configuration - HP TX2z tablet notebook
I've installed iDeneb on an external hard drive. Installation went fine, but when I tried to do the 1st boot up, the screen locks on the "apple" page whilst my caps lock and num lock led keep on flashing. I suspect I must have used the wrong version of iDeneb or something. Could someone please suggest which version I should use for this laptop?

2nd Configuration - Desktop PC with ASUS Rampage Extreme, 8GB DDR3 RAM, Intel Code 2 Q9550 and ATI HD4870.
On this, I still used the external hard drive for the test, but on the ideneb installation page I could not even get the mouse to move because the m/board only uses the keyboard as PS2, the mouse MUST be USB. So I supect the ideneb version I used did not have USB drivers. Again, could someone please point me to an instruction thread on this forum for my particular spec?

Thanks in advance