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Discuss My hackintosh randomly stops booting?! HELP! at the Installation -; K so first of all the problem I am having is "still waiting for root ...
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    Default My hackintosh randomly stops booting?! HELP!

    K so first of all the problem I am having is "still waiting for root device"

    But the strange part is my hackintosh setup has been working fine since 2008! I have had to make some changes time to time with new hardware or new mac os update. then one day when i am switching back from windows to mac os 10.6.5, it wont boot! And I know for certain I have made no hardware change, and no software change, it just randomly stops working. The error I am getting is "still waiting for root device."

    So I have been googling all around to figure out what "still waiting for root device" is. And it doesnt make sense, I have a pretty clear sense of what still waiting for root device is, but it doesnt seem like its my problem.

    So the only explanation I can think of is that my hard drive has disk errors, because does, so under windows I was able to repair the hard drive with windows. and I can read and write files from the hard drive via windows easily. and the errors were repaired. using a program called macdrive.

    I have tried tons of things! and nothing has been helping! its confusing because it seems like the error: "still waiting for root device" is an error people get when they are still setting up there hackintosh, but not for me where it has been working fine, then randomly stops working!

    If anyone knows whats going on, or what to do please help me!!!

    my full specs:
    10.6.5 64 bit/ pc efi v10.6
    sata hard drives (GUID)
    i7-920 and ati 5870
    x58 and ICH10
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