Not sure if I should post it here but I give it a go

some days ago i decied to try mac on pc. So i downloaded iatkos v7 from here iATKOS_v7 Torrent Download. I extractet the iso file with the trail of ultraiso to a usb, plug it in and restaret the pc and got it boot with the usb. Then a error messeage came from im not pretty sure what there stod but something like this "No system disk found starting from hardisk" and its just spammed it on screen, so you could harldy see what there was writting. Its was just the same over and over. and after about 10 secounds it stopped and nothing did happen after. So i just turned off with the power button. When i turned the pc up again nothing happed with the monitor just no signal but the computer was running. After that i checked the usb again and found out that the files together only fills about 5 mb

* all the fans are running
* No signal from keyboard or mouse
* I have checked the ram and it work
* I have tried to take the battery out for an hour and put it back again

Hope i can get solution.