Well hello everyone. I'm new in this kind of forum. So excuse for my soon silly questions

Yesterday I've tried to install OS X from iDeneb 10.5.7 by myself and with a little help from experienced user friend tough I have to get another VGA card related to undetectable issue, because of my 4670 Radeon VGA series in iDeneb. Okay, below, these are my questions..


The problem is sound/speaker, it get buzzy sound or scracth sound from my speaker, whether I play my songs in iTunes or just system interface sounds..
I've tried to open system preference > audio and the damn display showed these things..

warning: invalid kernel ip, won't attempt to handle trap
information printed below, along with a description of your
system configuration and what you were doing at the time that
the kernel panic occured. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Panic(cpu 2 caller 0x001AC599): Kernel trap at 0x0019dia2, type 14=page fault, registers:
CRO: 0x80010033, CR2: 0x00000004, CR3: 0x00e8a000, CR4: 0x000006e0
EAX: 0x00000000, EBX: 0x060bd200, ECX: 0x06fb5998, EDX: 0x00000004
CR2: 0x00000004, EBP: 0x5c4b7e08, ESI: 0x00000000, EDI: 0x00000004
EFL: 0x00010002, EIP: 0x0019d1a2, CS: 0x00000004, DS: 0x0000000c
Error code: 0x00000000

Debugger called: <panic>
Backtrace (CPU 2), Frame : Return Adress (4 potential args on stack)
0x5c4b7c18 : 0x12b44a (0x463d3c 0x5c4b7c4c 0x133424 0x0)
0x5c4b7c68 : 0x1ac599 (0x46d9d4 0x19d1a2 0xe 0x46d1ac)
0x5c4b7d48 : 0x1a1b9b (0x5c4b7d64 0x6bfb4ec 0x5c4b7d68 0x5c4b7e08)
0x5c4b7d5c : 0x19d1a2 (0xE 0x48 0xc 0xc)
0x5c4b7e08 : 0x127455 (0x6559180 0x000006 0x450 0x0)
0x5c4b7f08 : 0x198e44 (0x5c4b7f44 0x0 0x0 0x0)
0x5c4b7fc8 : 0x1a223f (0x6f089e0 0x1a2231 0x4 0x246)

No mapping exist for frame pointer
Backtrace terminated.... bla....3x

(and then. hang off :| )


I've tried to open user manual of my motherboard, and get nothing about sound chipset information. How do I'll get such a sound chipset information? And what the benefit of this kind of info?

But I oppened my PC Wizard yesterday, and found these data below:

Device Audio : ATI Technologies SB600 High Definition Audio Controller
Device Audio : ATI Technologies R700 Audio Device [Radeon HD 4000 Series]
Audio Playback : IDT Audio1
Audio Playback : IDT Audio2
Audio Playback : Microsoft Sound Mapper
Audio Recording : IDT Audio

Any good solutions?. Need help