can anyone describe me what must i do with this
it snow leopard 10.6 installation

Follow prasys' installation guide.
Replace /Extra/CustomExtentions on USB-Stick with files provided. Put com.Apple.Boot.plist in /Extra.
Run on the Stick.
Boot your Stick and install from it.
After the installation it will tell you that Installation failed (Because it can't start up, EFI-Related, don't worry.)
Open Terminal
Copy /Extra/CustomExtentions and to /Extra on Harddisk.
Run on Harddisk.
Copy /chocolate_kernel to Harddisk.
Move harddisk's /System/Library/Extentions/IOFirewire*.kext somewhere else (I just moved them to /System/Library/Extentions/backup)
Use your Stick to boot from Harddisk.
Enjoy the Intro-Video.


Note: Without the VoodooPower.kext, your CPU will be overclocked, make sure to use it.
You may need USB-Keyboard and Mouse for the Installer, I don't know whether VoodooPS2Controller works in the installation. It seems safe mode, as IOFirewire* is not needed to be removed on the stick to boot from it.