a couple totally newbie Q that hopefully also has a more general interest.

Q: buy mac or install on pc...?

I have started looking on the possability to use mac os x on pc instead of buying a maccomputor.(mostly for logic)
Is this a real alternativ...?
I am gonna use it for semi-pro musicproduction with logic.

In short I wonder if mac on pc is stable and deliver - is it a real alternativ for semi-pro musicproduction with logic- where the system just got to do the job.....? (without tweaking, fixing and patching the system all the time)

1. Is mac on pc a fulluser experience with all the functions there?
(or is it a steady stream of patches and errors that need to be fixed)

2. Is mac on pc ready to deliver in a semi-pro musicproduction environment?
(stable, reliable - with no especially bad hangups...)

3. what distro and what os is the best for musicproduction with logic?

4. any other recommendation on this...? (semi-pro musicproduction)

any reply is very appreciated!