Hey all.

I'm just wondering if my hardware would work on snow leopard.

Intel Core i7 980x
Asus P6x58D-E
Ethernet onboard = Marvell 88E8056
Intergrated Audio = Realtek ALC889
Sata 2 controller = Intel ICH10R controller
Sata 3 controller = Marvell 9128 (I don't have any Sata 6 devices so thats not a problem)
USB 3 = NEC USB 3.0 controller (no USB 3 devices yet either so no problem)
Chipset = Intel X58 - ICH10R
6gb Kingston HyperX DDR3 1600
Nvidia 470
Asus Xonar DX sound card

Also, would Leopard work? I was thinking of trying to install 10.5 since I have it but I haven't seen any new development of 10.5 since snow leopards release....