hello guys, im new at this hackintosh stuff
but im prettu sure i read every guide and see every tutorial avaible for the instalation
with the iatkos s3 v2 ( thats the only instalation dvd i've tried)

my hardware is this:

Intel MIH67M-HU3 motherboard with H67 chipset
Nvidia geforce gt430 graphics card (power)
1tb seagate SATA hard drive
4gb ram
intel core i5 processor
im not using dedicated lan or audio devices

im thinkins about using it for final cut pro since i at film school

i follow every step for the instalation
but when the instalation begins the dvd reader starts to run really fast (i can tell because i hear it), but when the instalation its arouns 80%-85% i think it stops and run more quietly and slow)i dont know if this is normal or not but im usinbg it in case one of u found this as important information

however the instalation ends and says "instalation succeeded" (i've read if the instalation succeeded means your hardware its compatible)
so i restart.
when i boot from the hard drive the grey screen appears but nothing happen. no little grey clock look a like loading stuff shows
that happens the 1st time
so i changed the kets driver instalation a little bit and when i reboot from the hard drive
the grey screen appears again but this time a bunch of white letters with a black background shows
with a lot of code and really non sense to me stuff

ive tried to boot this with -v -f -s -x busratio=20 cpus=1 (in every order posible)
and when i tried this : black screen with a lot of other nonsense codes and stuff
but in the ends says "STILL WAITING FOR ROOT DEVICE"
i understand this as the instalation isnt actually succeeded or the hard drive isnt being recognized

the kexts i use for the "only apple grey screen" are this:

chameleon v2 rc5 (i read to keep the default ANVAL is better but i dont try it yet )
graphics enabler
quiet boot
legacy logo
extra directory
qoopz 10.2.0
evo reboot
sleep enabler
VIA sata/ide
voodoo hda
apple hda 10.6.2
evo speedstep (i know this is the best for i7 but im using i5. since the requirements of final cut pro i selected this, if this is a mistake please tellme wich one of the power managemet option should i choose)

please help me
i being trying this for 4 days now without any result.