I'm trying to help out a friend. He tried to follow this guide: How to Create a Portable Hackintosh on a USB Thumb Drive to install Snow Leopard on his flash drive. The problem starts at this step:

Next, you'll have to fix the bootloader. After it's done restoring, go back to the iPortable Snow Install folder. Open "First Aid". In there, you'll find a program called iPortable Bootfix. Open it. Continue through it normally, but on the third page, click "Change Install Location" (this is very important). You need to change that to your thumb drive. Otherwise, it'll install a new bootloader on your Mac that will break it. Once it finishes, you're done. Go ahead and rename the hackintosh partition whatever you like for the sake of personalization.

He didn't Change Install Location....

Now that he has lost all of his info from trying to reformat and reinstall the OS. Every time he tries to install Snow on his MacBook, the first disk installs and tells him to restart then upon restarting it asks him if he wants to install Snow instead of asking for Disk 2.

Any suggestions? If he has to he would be willing to buy a new hard drive but I want to be sure that the issue is with the drive and not the BIOS or anything.

Sorry if this has been covered before, I searched the forums for 45 min b4 posting.