alright heres the dealio.

i have 2 laptops 1 is a intel one is a amd, now i have a external hdd cradle and a spare 160gb sata hdd, i need to use my intel pc to install HAZARDS os x because when i try to boot it in my amd it just passes the screen where u press f8 and it reboots, so i want to install hazards os x on the 160gb using the intel then put it into my amd, so i install it on my intel using the amd kernels and what not but when i put the 160 gb hd into my amd, i try to boot verbose mode but i get the error ioapic version 0x21 vectors 64:87,
i have tried inserting a flash drive into the computer but that doesnt make it boot, and my bios is pretty simple so theres nowhere i can disable apic, ive got achi mode enabled in my bios also. i really need help

my amd is
Amd Athlon II p340 dual core 2.2 ghz
500gb HDD
4gb sd ram
and its a ATI mobility radeon HD 5470