I'm gonna post screenshots of as much as I can. Here are my specs.

Stuck at DSMOS has arrived.
It can boot in safe mode...but there is something tricky about that.

When I first installed in safe mode, I realized that a lot of my settings in multibeast may be off. So I reinstalled using my disc (using the settings pictured). When I boot in safe mode, I notice the old desktop wallpaper is there that I had from the pervious install. So...are my incorrect settings from my first install still there?

I'm brand spanking new to this, any help would be appreciated.

(PS can usb be recognized in safe mode? I'd like to manually install kexts but I have no way to get them on there since my usb drives arent recognized atm)

DANG! I can't post attachments yet. here's my install info:

PATCHES: /Extra directory
qoopz 10.3.0 (kernel)
Sound: VooDoo HDA
PS/2: VooDoo (neither one works w/trackpad)
CPU Power:VooDoo Power

Checked NTFS-3G

VGA: Intel-GMA 950 27A2 (verified this is correct)
NETWORK:Broadcom (plan on getting a broadcom card)

I know we can all figure this out!