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Discuss Installing Snow Leopard on an HP Pavilion Dv6500 at the Installation -; I'm new to this Forum and i hope i'm not missing anything because i looked ...
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    Question Installing Snow Leopard on an HP Pavilion Dv6500

    I'm new to this Forum and i hope i'm not missing anything because i looked around and couldnt find anything already posted that could help me install Snow Leopard to my HP Pavilion dv6500

    Here are my specs

    HP Pavilion Dv6500

    1GB Ram

    120 GB Hard Drive (Toshiba)

    Slimtype DVD A DS8A1P Dvd drive

    Intel Core 2 Duo (Graphics Chipset GMA X3100 no 3D Card)

    SD Card slot built in


    standard internal MIC

    Mini Firewire (not sure exactly what its called but its kinda similar to a mini USB but Firewire)

    i hope this is all thats neede because i'm actually running iATKOS v7 right now, it works alright but i have a few things that do not work if i dont list them just assume they work...i'll specify right here that my Wifi works perfectly fine.

    Does not work:

    SD Card slot


    VGA output

    Ethernet input

    anyway i've purchased a Retail copy of snow Leopard about a week ago thinking it'd be easy to install because everything i had read showed it to be easy....i even found a video of someone using my exact laptop with snow leopard proving its possible but i guess i'm having my own problem

    so anyway heres what i want to do

    Full install of Snow Leopard with at least the SD Card slot working and the ability to run Vmware Fusion (it'd be great to also have VGA output going but i'd be ok if that still didnt work) and i understood that a Virtual Machine is only possible with the Vanilla Kernel.....recently tested with iATKOS v7 and yes i have Win XP running right now without any problems other then slow because i need to upgrade my ram (Intend to asap)

    P.S. when i say the VGA output doesnt work i mean it sends out a scrambled picture but i can see the Mouse on my HDTV.....i dont know exactly what that means but i tried several different installation with different VGA Drivers and no difference

    Thats about it, any help would be appreciated

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    hi man!!!! sorry im new to this forum. i just wanna ask how did you install your iAtkos to your pc how did you do it? can you teach me? thanks



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