Hi all
i've a mobo gigabyte GA P35C-DS3R with an eide hdd and sata dvdrom and ATI HD2600XT

some years ago i installed 10.5 but now i broke that hdd so i want to install Snow Leopard
i followed a lot of guides but without success

at the moment i try this:

10.6.7 retail restore on usb pendrive + iboot 3.1.1, after start installation sequence osx told me i cannot install this version

10.6.3 retail + iboot i got kernel panic

10.6.7 retail + gigabyte intel bootcd iinstallation from usb didn't start..
i setted in bios ahci as tutorials said....

can you suggest me other methods?
maybe i got the wrong osx version on dmg?
what version i have to use?
can i use some distro?