hello everybody,

I am all new to the mac OSX, i saw how it worked on a computer yesterday (and a couple of times before) And it looked really cool. so, when i hearded from an friend that you can also install Mac OSX on a normal PC I got on the internet and searched how to do this. I found a lot of tutorials but most of them use USB sticks and stuff and require a actual mac. since i don't have one that could be a problem. the turorials seem so compliocated. Is their anyone who can tell me how to install Mac OSX on my pc so that i can try it before i buy a full macbook. (preverbly without the use of a mac?)

with kind regards, Jeroen Feith (NL)

my system specs if that is needed:
Intel Q6600
Asus P5Q-pro
4 gb ddr2 800mhz
1 samsung 750 gb f1 HDD
1 samsung 500 gb f1 HDD
Ati Radeon 3870x2
A dvd reader/writer
CM 500 watt PSU
Samsung t220
Logitech Z-5500