Hi Guys

I have been trying to install Snow Leopard along with Leo v10.5.5 iatkos v5 and Vista on my Laptop using USB flash drive.

I have used two different methods two combine for installation
1) Preparation of USB drive for installation
2) changing OSInstaller.mpkg for MBR installation.

but my installation stops at Language selection screen as my mouse pointer doesnt moves as i touch trackpad!
Please somebody help me.

I have done following steps

*I use OSX 10A432 dvd dmg.
1)formatting the pen drive and single partitioning by GUID.
2)installation of the chameleon boot loader to the pen drive and chnaging hidden boot file with the supplied.
3) making a copy of the dmg to a folder and changing the OSInstall.mpkg by using xar decompression and setting default="false" from "true".
and then recreating OSInstall.mpkg.
4)Restoring the osx sl dmg image to the pen drive.
5)Changing the OSInstall.mpkg restored from dmg with that i created with xar.

The USB pluggedin the system shows chamaleon booting screen and shows the available partitions to boot but the installation stops at the screen of teh Language selection. Mouse pointer doesnt moves!

Somebody any ideas?????????

Thanks to genies in advance.