toke me long two days to install that OS on 10.6.7 with all drivers to make it work without crashes.
had milion problems but now only 1 left and i have no idea how to FIX it.

hope someone here can help me...

hazard 10.6.6 updated to 10.6.7 using chamelon bootloader 2.0RC5
i got x48 ds4 motherboard
powercolour 5850 video card
4gb ddr2
qx9650 cpu
and LG DVD ROM with IDE connector

i tried evreything changed at bios FROM SATA to IDE and AHCI changed the switch on the DVD from master to slave tried all combinations nothing helps...
what the strange part i can see my DVD drive on windows and i even can boot from it at bios and i installed the mac using that dvdrom but after installation i cannot see the drive any ideas?