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Discuss install on Optiplex GX270 at the Installation -; not sure if its possible or a waste of time. ive tried searching around to ...
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    Default install on Optiplex GX270

    not sure if its possible or a waste of time. ive tried searching around to see what i could find but theres never a final followup that relates to this model.

    Dell Optiplex GX270
    Intel Pentium 4 3.2GHz with Hyper Threading
    70GB HDD (havent checked if its IDE or SATA)
    1GB RAM
    ATI Radeon HD2400 AGP
    DVD+-RW optical drive

    right now its running Windows XP SP3 and it runs well. i use it as a home theater PC of sorts. but after having used a Macbook and iBookG4 for so many years, id like to have this Dell as a Hackintosh, so i can finally have a Desktop as my go to system. my concerns are whether ill still get 1080p resolution, the speed of the system will not be slower, and that the usual components will continue to work.

    id like to run Snow Leopard but i dont recall if thats a 64bit only OS. i used to have Tiger on my Dell Dimension but i never got the sound to work well on that. so Leopard would be great but it seems like its been dropped from many third party apps.

    if anyone could give me any feedback whether this model of Dell is capable of running OS X with the current hardware installed , then ill know not to get my hopes up or if the PC is just too old to run any version of OS X.

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    The best disk is iAktos 5i. It includes ALL DRIVERS!!! Sound, network, you name it! The install link is here Leopard 10.5.5(iATKOS 5i) Dell OptiPlex GX270 - InsanelyMac Forum This is 10.5 (Leopard), but if you install exactly like the steps in the link, you can update by via software update. P.S DON'T CLICK CHAMELEON BOOTLOADER UNDER INSTALL!! CLICK PC EFI!!! IF YOU CLICK CHAMELEON BOOTLOADER, YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO UPDATE TO 10.5.8!! FIRST CLICK PC EFI BOOT LOADER, THEN WHEN YOUR DONE INSTALLING DOWNLOAD CHAMELEON BOOTLOADER RC4 NOT RC5. IF YOU DOWNLOAD RC5, YOUR PC WON'T BOOT OS X. GOOD LUCK



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