Hi All

My first post here, though I post other forums a bit.

Basically I was looking to use a flex ATX case that was hanging around that I got from Ebay for about 5.

After some looking I found that Jetway have a flex ATX board that has a dual core ATOM 330. Points in favor:

* it had 2 RAM slots
* the spec says supports 4Gb of RAM
* its a good form factor for my case

Not such good stuff:

* the positioning of the power socket is very poor, and means you have to press down on the wires to get them under the drive caddies
* the caddies also push to the RAM sockets, which means if you want to fill both sockets, one of the RAM chips will have to be low profile. For some reason DDR2 RAM in low profile form factor is rare on Ebay.
* Curious.all the power connectors are molex, but the drive connectors are 2 x SATA and 1 x PATA, so if you want to use SATA HD you'll need SATA to Molex adaptor. This will cause the HD to butt right up against the PSU.

Anyway, not enough to put me off. You can get the full spec from JETWAY COMPUTER.

So with the spec, and knowing that if I wanted to close the case I'd need different RAM (I'd borrowed the 2 x 2Gb DDR2 sticks), it seemed a reasonable challenge to get OSX 10.5 Leopard running on it.

I chose iAtkos v7 which installs 10.5.7. I chose the default options, including the Realtek LAN and Realtek Audio. On reboot I got a bad KP:

"Should have 2 cores, but only 1 found for die0"

I thought initially it was due to the wrong kernel I chosen during install, so I booted from the DVD and installed just the Voodoo Kernel. Reboot, same thing.

Some Googling suggested that this was due to the Kernel not liking the four (2 physical, 2 logical) cores, so I went into the BIOS "Advanced Bios Features" and turned off hyper-threading. You could also use the boot option "CPUs=2".


Boots into 10.5.7 no problem, and feels quite nippy, which it should do with 4Gb RAM!.

Quick check of whats working, and whats not... well it all working apart from audio in, which I can live with.

I had two problems though.

First, doing 'about this mac' caused a GUI crash, restarting the Finder and killing any open applications.

Second the CPU information shown in the System Profiler was wrong.

At first I thought the two were related, so I found CPUInjector.kext and using instructions here I made the kext say the board had a Core Duo CPU

But this didn't fix the about 'this mac crash' , so a bit more Googling and I found another kext AppleSMBIOSEFI.kext.

Remove the old AppleSMBIOS kext, and then use kext helper to install AppleSMBIOSEFI.kext.

Then restart.

The boot is slower, but now 'about this mac' doesn't crash! Instead it shows garbage, but I can fix that, using OSX86Tools I selected "autoset CPU info" and "Restore System Strings Files to Defaults".

Pictures here www.hutsby.net/2010/02/osx-on-jetway-atom-gm1.html

Hope this is useful.


I Found This Useful: Hackintosh

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Lenovo S12 / 10.5.8
Jetway Dual Core Atom 330 / 10.5.8