Ok so I have spent hours attempting to install mac on my HP DV 6 1220 sd. I will list the specs later. The first thing I did was burn iAtkos v7 on a dvd. I tried installing it using the F8 command then -v. However this did not work for me it gave me an error something like frame pointer, something like that, so i used the command cpus=1. This made my computer run the disk fine, I made my partition and did the MAC OS X journaled format and installed iAtkos. Once I rebooted my computer I could dual boot, so i select Mac os x and it gives me a mac screen that tells me to restart my computer. I do and i press os x again and i got the same message. So i decided to try again but with iDeneb v4. This time I used -v and it booted into the disk, again I installed it on the partition however when I reboot my system and select mac os x in the dual boot menu it tells me that windows cannot run(yes that was not a typo windows), i select windows and that runs fine after doing a system restore.

So I have a problem and I dont know what to do.. I was wondering if anyone could help me. Here are my computer Specs

HP DV6 1220SD

Processor intel pentium t4200 dual core: 2,00
ATI Radeon HD4530