1) I have a Dell Mini 10V running OsX 10.6.7 with NBI 20100616212351
2) It has some sort of bootloader error - it hangs up with an EBIOS error after the Dell startup screen but before OsX is initiated
3) I can boot to a MacOsX utility USB stick, and to Ubuntu on a USB
4) Disk repair in OsX utilities will not repair the hard drive
5) I can mount my OsX formatted hard drive and copy off files
6) ...but some files are inaccessible. One folder in particular (one that I would really like to recover) I can "see" in terminal, but it seems to be some kind of corrupt directory. When I try to "cd" to that directory name, I get an input/output error.

I am thinking that my only real option is to reinstall OsX and then try to run my file recovery software hoping that the installation will not have written over the files I want to recover.

But I wanted to ask if anyone has any other suggestions... for working within Ubuntu, for example, to repair the directory structure on a specific part of the disk...or...?

Many thank for any ideas!!