Hi all,

I am following this tutorial on youtube with iDeneb installing it on my pc running Windows 7

YouTube - Install Mac OS X on any PC for Free! | Part 2: Installation'

i partitioned my HD per the instructions and began using the iDeneb install.
The first set of instructions in the install to me to go to 'disk utility' and do an erase on the partition I created for osx. When I hit the erase button, I got a message saying something like 'disk utility error: something lost connection with your hard drive' or something along those lines

Then I closed the disk utility screen and went into it again..this time that partition I created disappeared from the left hand panel where I had previously selected it.

So at this point I wanted to restart my computer to get back into windows 7 to check on that partition with the partition software.

When I turned off and turned on the computer again, I get this error
"reboot and select proper boot device "

I cannot get back into windows. I have changed the boot priority back to the harddrive, disabled booting from DVD drive, and still no luck - that error is still showing?

Any help is appreciated.