I have successfully install OSX on my pc using the iDeneb v1.6 osx 10.5.8.
But there's something wrong in the end of process.
I'm stuck at apple loading screen.
Here the picture:
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I tried the verbose way and here is the log i got...

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ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting

I was really excited of being installing a good version one... but now I'm a bit frustated. Did I do something wrong?

My configuration:
Motherboard : Intel AGTL+/MSI MS-7267
CPU : Intel Celeron 430, 1800 MHz (9 x 200)/x86, x86-64, MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3
Chipset Intel Lakeport-G i945GC /FSB533, FSB800
RAM : 3GB (2 sticks)
HDD0 : 300 GB SATA
HDD1 : 140 GB SATA (where MAC is installed)
Video : nVidia 8400 Gs 512 MB
Audio : ALC883 HD
Ethernet: Realtek 8111

I've tried the Leo4all v2 10.5.2 and it worked very well... audio, network, video..everything was okay.
iDeneb Fail.
And now I'm looking for a good OSX 10.5.8. Does someone could tell me a good one to install in version 10.5.8?

Sorry for my poor english.